Adco Logistics offers our customers the freedom to manage inventory and freight costs more effectively. Adco can do this with dedicated Milkruns.

Milkruns are a step up from traditional LTL service.
For example:

If you have multiple suppliers shipping to your facility on the same day, why not consolidate this onto one truck.
Our milkrun trucks would pick up at your supplier locations and then deliver to your facility. Why tie up your receiving/shipping departments with multiple trucks when you can alleviate this by using just one truck.
You can also manage your inventory levels more effectively using milkrun trucks. If you receive large shipments weekly or monthly from a supplier, then you should switch to daily Milkruns. This will free up valuable space in your facility, significantly drop your on-hand inventory levels and reduce your inventory book values. Bring in only the material you need for that days production.

Less on-hand inventory means lower operating costs, lower inventory book value and more floor space in your facility to do what you do best- Build your product. Milkruns offer the following;

  • Multiple stop daily pick ups.
  • One truck door service at your facility.
  • Saves time for shippers/receivers.
  • Lower inventory levels.
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 Customer Service Representatives.
  • Customized freight reporting.
For information contact or call 1-800-238-2326 or 905-564-6564.

Whatever your needs, Adco Logistics can handle it all!

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